Final Consultation

As you might expect, COVID-19 has had an impact on the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan. However, we’re pleased to report that the final consultation on the Plan has now been organised! Rushcliffe Borough Council, our planning authority, will be conducting the consultation, which will run from Friday 6th November 2020 until Friday 18th December 2020.

By now, you’ll probably be aware of the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan, which includes the possibility of housing development at a further four sites in Ruddington in addition to those already approved. Whilst we all hope this won’t happen, the Neighbourhood Plan is the means by which our Community has a direct impact upon any future building in Ruddington. The Plan carries weight in law, so it’s worth taking part… it’s vital that you do!

When the Consultation commences, you’ll be able to access the Plan, and comment on it at the Ruddington section of Rushcliffe’s Neighbourhood Plan web page:
Alternatively, contact the Parish Council and they’ll arrange for you to view the Neighbourhood Plan and complete a paper copy of the Consultation. Please note that paper submissions must include your name. Whether you comment online or on paper, you’re not limited to one submission per household – everyone living at your address can comment if they wish. Once complete, paper copies can be submitted to John King at Rushcliffe Borough Council, or be returned to the Parish Council Office who’ll submit them for you.

Please find the time to take part in this consultation. It is a vitally important contribution to the future of our village. The more people contribute, the more representative the Neighbourhood Plan will ultimately be.

Regulation 14 Consultation Launches

You haven’t heard much about the Neighbourhood Plan recently, but we’ve been working hard in conjunction with our consultants, Urban Imprint. So much so that we’ve completed the first draft of our plan! And now, we want to know what you think about the progress that’s been made.

Today sees the launch of the next phase of the Neighbourhood Plan process, as the team gathers your views on the draft plan. The plan is based on what you’ve told us in the 2018 survey and your feedback on our Emerging Policies document, and contains policies covering areas such as housing, design, the environment and infrastructure.

The consultation process will run until Monday 23rd December 2019. The draft plan is available to view on the Regulation 14 Consultation page, which includes a summary and signposting document. The team invites Ruddington residents, workers and business owners to tell us what you think of the plan by completing a survey at Paper copies of the draft plan are also available to view at Ruddington Library, Jaspers Café, The Black Cat Café, The Old Bakehouse, Ruddington Medical Centre, the Village Hall and St Peter’s Rooms.

A community consultation event will be held at St Peter’s Rooms on Saturday 16th November, from 10am to 2pm, where the team will be on hand to hear your views about the draft plan. Paper copies of the survey will be available and there’ll also be a laptop which you can use to complete it online if you wish. See the event page for further details.

Please find the time to look at the draft plan and complete this very important survey, as it will help to shape the final Neighbourhood Plan. It’s easy to complete as it’s just a case of offering any comments you have. And if you’re happy with what you see and don’t have any specific points to make, just tell us you like the plan. It really can be that simple.

When the consultation has closed, the team will analyse your feedback, make any necessary revisions and move into the final stages of the Neighbourhood Plan process, culminating in a public referendum in Spring 2020.

Ruddington Development Design Guide ‘Village Walks’ – Volunteers Needed! 

Are you interested In preserving the look and feel of Ruddington as a Village? The Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Project team (RNP) are calling for volunteer residents to join them on the next stage of the RNP – The Design Guide.

The Design Guide is being developed as part of the Neighbourhood Plan but can also be used as a standalone document and carries weight in local decision making relating to development proposals. The first stage of Design Guide creation is carrying out what are known as ‘Walkovers’ – whereby Project Team members, consultants and members of the public walk around the key areas of the village, discussing and identifying key features of the villagescape and landscape that contribute to Ruddington’s character.

The Village Walks will take place in the early evening over two dates. One focussing on small scale development and the other on large scale developments.

To register your interest…

Anyone living in Ruddington is welcome to register their interest in joining the walk, and families are welcome to bring children along! No experience or specific knowledge is required. Places will be granted on a first come first serve basis, so don’t delay!  Please ensure you are available on the given dates and times before registering.

Tuesday 20th August 6.30pm
Small Development Village Walk

Thursday 22nd August 6.30pm
Large Development Walk

Please email with your name, contact details, the ward you live in and which walk you would prefer to join. Registration closes Wednesday 14th August

Both walks will start at St Peter’s Rooms where welcome refreshments will be served and finish at approximately 8.30pm. Please note that there will be a fair amount of walking required, albeit it will be at a slow place with plenty of stops.

Your Priorities, Your Policies

It seems like quite a while since the village-wide survey in June, but the Neighbourhood Plan team have been busy in the background preparing for the next stage of the project. The results of June’s survey provided invaluable data that will steer the content of the Neighbourhood Plan, with over 900 villagers, workers and business owners in Ruddington declaring what their priorities for the village were. In September, the team worked with planning partners Urban Imprint to draft an ‘Emerging Policies’ document, based on the results of that survey, which presents a vision for Ruddington, a set of objectives, and a number of policy aims and aspirations.

The next stage of the process is to verify that these aims and aspirations meet the expectations of the village, and are accepted as a fair representation of the survey results. Launching this Saturday 3rd November 2018 and running for six weeks, the team will be running the “Your Priorities, Your Policies” survey, inviting people to review the vision, objectives, policy aims and aspirations, and feed back any changes that might be needed. The survey will be accompanied by an open day at St Peter’s Rooms on Saturday 10th November, where the team will be on hand with Urban Imprint to hear your views on the policy aims, and answer any questions you may have. Once the survey closes, the work of drafting the actual planning policies will begin, to be compiled into a full Neighbourhood Plan for consultation sometime next spring.

Check back this Saturday for a link to the survey, and Have Your Say!

Survey Launched!

This weekend saw the launch of our neighbourhood survey, with over 3000 leaflets being delivered to every home and business in Ruddington. The survey aims to gather the views of the residents, workers and business owners in the village about a variety of planning issues that could affect the community in the years ahead.

To support the survey, two community events on 5th June and 9th June were also advertised on the leaflet, where villagers can find out more information about the Neighbourhood Plan, meet the team, ask questions, share their vision for Ruddington, and see some drop-in presentations from our town planning partners Urban Imprint.

Volunteers from across the community came out to help deliver the leaflets in the weekend sunshine, with some young family members from the project team even chipping in! Here’s three of our youngest helpers, armed with their special letterbox insertion tools (a.k.a., spatulas!).

Some of our younger Ruddington volunteers doing a brilliant job helping with the leaflet delivery at the weekend

Once the survey closes on 30th June, the data will be analysed and combined with the results of previous surveys (including the Village Plan consultation) to draft a set of Ruddington-specific planning policies for the community to approve, before compiling the final Neighbourhood Plan for submission to Rushcliffe Borough Council and holding a public referendum.

If you live, work, or own a business in Ruddington, it is vitally important that you air your views about the future of the village by completing the survey. All family members are encouraged to take part, even children (with a little help from mum and dad), so that the planning policies for Ruddington can be sure to represent the views of the whole community, young and old, and help shape the future of the village for years to come.

The survey can be accessed online here, or there are paper copies available at St Peter’s Rooms, Perkins Hardware, the Co-Op, Ruddington Medical Centre, and the library.

Have your say about the future development of Ruddington by 30th June!

Town Planning Consultancy Appointed

On 20th February 2018, the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Project Team selected Urban Imprint to assist with the development of the Plan. Urban Imprint is a town planning and urban design consultancy based in Macclesfield, and were highly recommended by Keyworth Parish Council and Radcliffe-on-Trent Parish Council following their own Neighbourhood Plan projects. Jo Gregory, Senior Planner at Urban Imprint, said:

“Thank you once again for confirming our commission to help you in the production of your Neighbourhood Plan. Ruddington is a beautiful village with a wealth of heritage assets, green spaces and a strong sense of community. We look forward to helping you, through this project, protect and enhance these assets and make the most of opportunities to maximise the quality of life for those who live, work and visit the village. The steering group have an excellent range of relevant expertise and we’re looking forward to working in partnership with you to make the most of the opportunities that Neighbourhood Planning provides.”

The team held its first meeting with Urban Imprint on 26th March 2018, where our progress to date and a plan of action were discussed, followed by a tour of the village.

Paul Reedman (left) and Jennifer Boniface (second from right) with Urban Imprint

Paul Reedman, Project Manager of the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Team said:

“Urban Imprint have an impressive and proven track record in Neighbourhood Plan consultation. We are looking forward to working with their team of town planners and urban designers as they assist us with the various stages of community engagement and production of the Neighbourhood Plan, up to the point of referendum.”

Meet Urban Imprint at our consultation events soon.

New Government Grants Announced

In a press release issued on Monday, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government announced that a new round of funding for Neighbourhood Plan grants will be launched next month. The £23m fund will help communities such as Ruddington develop a Neighbourhood Plan. Applications for grants of £9000 can be made from 3rd April 2018.

Housing and Planning Minister Dominic Raab said:

Neighbourhood plans are a powerful tool to help communities shape their local area, making sure the right homes are built in the right places.

It’s vital that communities have the right support and advice available to help deliver a plan that meets their own ambitious aspirations. That’s why I’m making £23 million available that will help more groups to do this.

A new website has been launched to assist communities in the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan, assessment and processing of grant applications will be delivered by Locality, and Groundwork UK will administer approved grants.

The Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Project Team will be applying for a grant soon.