Meeting agenda and minutes can be found on the Meetings page.

Date Title
10/11/2018 Second Consultation Feedback Boards Download
03/11/2018 Second Consultation Poster Download
03/11/2018 Second Consultation Questionnaire Download
18/10/2018 Emerging Policies Document Download
18/07/2018 Key Issues Paper 2: Consultation Summary Download
11/07/2018 Technical Baseline Download
11/07/2018 Town and Landscape Study Download
16/06/2018 Initial Consultation Reminder Leaflet Download
11/06/2018 Key Issues Paper 1: Baseline Reports Download
09/06/2018 Issues and Options Consultation Presentation (Urban Imprint) Download
05/06/2018 Initial Consultation Mood Boards Download
19/05/2018 Initial Consultation Poster Download
19/05/2018 Initial Consultation Leaflet Download
19/05/2018 Initial Consultation Questionnaire Download
01/05/2018 Social Media and Website Moderation Policy Download
17/04/2018 Update Presentation for Annual Parish Meeting Download
22/11/2017 Project Team Terms of Reference (Draft 2) Download
03/10/2017 Application for Designation of Neighbourhood Area Download
12/10/2017 Approval of Designation of Neighbourhood Area Download
26/09/2017 Project Team Terms of Reference (Draft 1) Download
16/10/2017 Expression of Interest in Joining Project Team Download