Planned milestone activities and dates are subject to change as the project progresses.
Agree Project
Completed Sept 2017
Ruddington Parish Council agreed to commence a Neighbourhood Plan project on 26th September 2017.
Agree Area
Completed Oct 2017
Under Regulation 5, the Parish Council made an application to Rushcliffe Borough Council for the Parish of Ruddington in its entirety to be designated a Neighbourhood Area on 3rd October 2017. Rushcliffe Borough Council granted the application on 12th October 2017 following Regulation 7.
Form Team
Completed Nov 2017
Expression of Interest forms to join the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Project Team were made available from 16th October 2017, and further circulated at a presentation meeting held on 24th October 2017. The Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Project Team was selected on 2nd November 2017. The first meeting was held on 20th November 2017, and Consultancy, Engagement and Marketing focus groups were formed on 6th December 2017.
Appoint Consultant
Completed Feb 2018
On 20th February 2018, the Project Team appointed a town planning consultancy to assist in the lifecycle of the project and the production of the Plan. A kick-off meeting with the consultancy was held on 26th March 2018.
Completed Mar 2018
A Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan Facebook group was created on 27th September 2017, a public presentation was delivered on 24th October 2017, a Twitter account was registered on 27th November 2017, and the website launched on 12th March 2018. Various articles about the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan have also been included in The Rudd monthly newsletter.
Compile Evidence
Completed May 2018
Review relevant Local Plan policies, collate core documents, and produce a Technical Baseline document that will outline raw Parish information, including socio-economic profiling, transport and travel issues, housing and employment, facilities and services, leisure and recreation, natural environment and open spaces, and historical character. Produce a Key Issues paper, which will steer the next stages of the project and will assist in the writing of a Sustainability Appraisal.
Initial Consultation
Completed Jun 2018
Paper and electronic questionnaires to the community, followed by two 'drop-in' consultation sessions to allow the community to learn more about the Plan, discuss the questionnaire, and give additional feedback. The sessions will include workshops and presentations that will give an overview of Neighbourhood Plans, how Ruddington's Neighbourhood Plan project will be carried out, and how the community can help influence it.
Consultation Report
Completed Aug 2018
Produce a draft Consultation Report based on the results of the questionnaire and consultation events. The report will be updated as further consultation activities are delivered, and will be submitted alongside the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan to demonstrate that appropriate public consultation has been undertaken and that the Plan has been driven by issues identified by the community.
Draft Policies
Completed Sep 2018
Draft outline policies for the Plan based on the initial consultation results, to be compiled into an Emerging Policies document.
Second Consultation
Completed Dec 2018
Consultation events to assess the community's view on the Emerging Policies, and to feed back any issues found.
Design Guide
Completed Nov 2019
Complete a Design Guide for Ruddington, providing detailed requirements that new developments should follow.
Draft Plan
Completed Nov 2019
Write the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, including introduction, background, legally compliant planning policies, and supporting appendices and reports.
Third Consultation
Completed Nov 2019
Under Regulation 14, consult the community on the draft Neighbourhood Plan, and feed back any necessary changes.
Finalise Plan
Completed Jun 2020
Finalise the Neighbourhood Plan for submission in accordance with Regulation 15; conclude the Consultation Report, complete a Basic Conditions Statement, and prepare an Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal.
SEA Screening
Completed Sep 2020
The Emerging Policies document will be screened by Rushcliffe Borough Council as the Local Planning Authority to assess whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment will be required.
Submission to RBC
Completed Sep 2020
Under Regulation 14, submit the Neighbourhood Plan to Rushcliffe Borough Council as the Local Planning Authority.
Formal Consultation
Completed Dec 2020
Under Regulation 16, a six week formal consultation for all relevant stakeholders, conducted by the Local Planning Authority.
Completed Jun 2021
Under Regulation 17 and Regulation 18, undergo an independent examination of the Neighbourhood Plan. Examiner's report submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council on 31st March 2021, with 32 modifications recommended and implemented. RBC agreed to progress to referendum at Council Cabinet Meeting on 8th June 2021.
Public Referendum
Scheduled 22 July 2021
Public referendum to accept or reject the Neighbourhood Plan.
Publish Plan
Final publication of the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan, and adoption into the Rushcliffe Local Plan.