"I think a Neighbourhood Plan for Ruddington is essential because it gives us the opportunity to shape the future of our wonderful village & influence our own destiny. The process and activity to achieve it will also I believe help strengthen the village identity, shared vision and community spirit!"

Mike Ader

Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Mike has lived in the village for 17 years and has been active in campaigning to prevent/amend inappropriate developments as a member and Chair of Ruddington Action Group (RAG). He has had a long career in business at senior level and now focuses on coaching and mentoring business leaders to help their personal and company growth and development. He has a strong belief that everyone has far more potential than they imagine and it is only a matter of helping overcome their ‘limiting beliefs’ and being focused on achieving their goals!
"I believe that a neighbourhood plan is essential if villagers want to have a say the manner in which new developments take place in Ruddington."

Tom Anderson

Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Tom has lived in Ruddington for 13 years with wife Emma and their two children. He is a parent governor at the local junior school and an allotment holder at Hareham gardens. Tom has a particular interest in improving the quality and design of new housing within the village.
"I think a Neighbourhood Plan for Ruddington is essential because we need to protect the health, wellbeing and livelihoods of the residents of Ruddington and give them a say in how any future developments are carried out."

Helen Beal

Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Helen has been a resident of Ruddington for over 40 years and is the joint owner of Perkins Hardware which she has run jointly with her husband for 10 years after taking over from her parents when they retired.
"A Neighbourhood Plan is important for Ruddington so that we can develop sustainably, allowing us to actively promote protection and enhancement of our natural and built environment for the benefit of villagers now and in future."

Jennifer Boniface

Consultancy Focus Group
Jenny was a first time buyer in Ruddington 20 years ago so has ‘grown up’ in the village, getting married and baptising her daughter in St Peter’s Church and now helping to lead Messy Church there. She was an active volunteer at St Peter’s Junior School while her daughter attended, including chairing the Friends of School. Jenny is an environmental scientist and passionate about sustainable development and environmental education.
"The Neighbourhood Plan is the community's opportunity to have real influence on our built environment and on how we want our village to look and feel for the next 20 years. If you don't have your say now, you can't complain about it in the future!"

Tom Flint

Consultancy Focus Group
Tom grew up in the village and attended both of the village's schools. Following a dalliance with the City of Leeds he returned to the village in 2012, and now has a children at St Peters and at James Peacock, where he is also a school governor. An Environmental Engineer by profession, Tom has a passion for sustainability, connectivity and the built environment.
"The Neighbourhood Plan gives the village a real say on how we want Ruddington to look and feel going forward."

Cath Haywood

Cath has lived in Ruddington for over 20 years with her husband, and now two very active children! With an interest in local issues, including registering Sellors's Playing Field as an Asset of Community Value, Cath is keen to see Ruddington continue as a fantastic place to live.
"I am extremely passionate about Ruddington, especially in keeping its village heritage amidst the government's housing demands and helping us retain our community spirit."

Joanna Jagiello

Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Joanna has lived in Ruddington (Camelot Ward) for nearly 9 years with her partner (born and bred in Rudd) and now their 1 year old son. By day, as well as being a mum, Joanna works in a senior marketing and communications role and hopes to apply these skills to help make the Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan a success.
"I think Ruddington is a great place to live and the Neighbourhood Plan will help retain and enhance its unique character."

Peter Johnson-Marshall

Now retired, Peter has been living in Ruddington for over 40 years. He and his wife have raised a family here, enjoying and helping with many village facilities. He now helps run Hareham Gardens allotments and he loves practical creative projects around the house and garden. Peter is a former Architect and he is involved with community activities such as the Village Plan and the Gardeners Club. He believes that we have a wonderful mix of people in the village and he understands how attractive surroundings can help us all continue to make Ruddington special.
"A Neighbourhood Plan for Ruddington will give residents a statutory say in future planning decisions for the village."

Mark Pinks

Secretary, Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Mark has lived in the village since 2005. He is a volunteer at NG11 Foodbank since 2013, a member and co-founder of the Ruddington Village Centre Partnership, and works in the IT services sector. He was a Ruddington Parish Councillor for the Camelot Ward from 2017 to 2019, and served as a governor at St Peter's Junior School from 2011 to 2018.
"A Neighbourhood Plan is a way for communities to have real influence on the planning system within the area in which they they live. Neighbourhood plans are powerful! They can shape development and deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues."

Paul Reedman

Chairman, Project Manager, Consultancy Focus Group
Paul has lived in Ruddington for almost forty years with his wife, Jill. Their two children were brought up in Ruddington and have now moved a short distance away. Paul is a retired Police Officer, and served as a Parish Councillor from 2017 to 2019. He is a keen sports fan, particularly cricket and is very keen on (most types of) music.
"Ruddington is such a great place to live and I hope the Neighbourhood Plan can help ensure this remains the case."

Jonathan Smith

Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Jonathan has lived in the village for five years and has been an active member of Ruddington Action Group, helping to coordinate the village’s strong objection to the Asher Lane housing applications.
"The Village Plan expressed such strong support for the development of a Neighbourhood Plan that it would have been a huge omission not to embark on one."

Gavin Walker

Marketing & Engagement Focus Group
Gavin is Chairman of the Village Plan Steering Group, a trustee of the Village Museum and a director of Optillion Internet Marketing. He has lived in Ruddington for over 45 years and hopes his passion for the village’s heritage will be reflected in the Neighbourhood Plan.
"I think a Neighbourhood Plan gives the chance for Ruddington to have its own voice in certain key planning decisions."

Ian Wilson

Ian moved to Ruddington to be nearer family and was looking for a great place to live. In the time living in Ruddington Ian has been a school governor at James Peacock, a few years ago as the child then is now a young adult; coached local youth football; campaigned against changes to the school buses and to protect Sellors's Playing Field. Ian started the Ruddington Business Networking group, focused on bringing local businesses together. Ian works with social enterprises, co-operatives and charities to be more sustainable. His latest interest is as a permaculture novice.